Factors That Drain Car Battery and Reduce its Lifespan?

The car battery is one of the most crucial and essential parts of the car. It is one of the equipments that can help to start and drive the vehicle. It helps in sending power from the starter motor that sparks the plugs, which helps ignite the car's fuel while also providing power to other systems in the vehicle. 

Having a battery that drains now and then is quite frustrating; in addition to that, figuring out the root cause of the problem can be very difficult to understand. Checking out the main reason behind the drainage of the battery may not always be in your hands. You might need Roadside Assistance to help you figure out the main problem with the car's battery. They can help in detecting the electrical problem and provide a solution for battery drainage.

Though the car battery is one of the most crucial parts of the car, it does not last forever. No matter how smoothly you drive or how much care you take, the battery life is something that cannot be changed. After 4 to 5 years, the car battery does tend to deplete, and this is when you need to keep a proper check of the car. 

Here are certain factors that drain the battery of your car lets discusses them in detail:

1. Faulty charging

If your car's charging system is not in proper conditions, then the car's battery can drain even when driving. Some vehicles provide power to the lights, music, and other systems using an alternator. This can make the battery drainage even worse, especially if there are some charging system problems. The alternator can have issues with the wiring that could add to the problem.

2. Electrical problems

Electrical problems are one of the most common reasons behind the drainage of the car battery. Even when you switch off the ignition key, certain functions are still functional. But certain parts of the car could be turned on if there is some sort of electrical problem. For example, the parasitic drain can deplete the battery. Electrical issues like improper wiring, installation, and defused fuse are common electrical problems. 

3. Human Mistake

Many times you can unintentionally drain the battery of your car. For example, you come back from a long journey and leave the headlights on, do not close the trunk properly, or leave the internal lights on. It will drain the battery of the car overnight, and eventually, your car will not start. These days you can find vehicles that can send you alerts when the lights are on; however, they won't show you signs for other reasons.

4. Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions are certainly not right for your car. Severe weather conditions, whether it is hot or cold, are not suitable for your vehicle. Extreme conditions may create crystals of lead sulfate to build up. If the car is kept under such states for a very long time, it can even worsen the battery's condition. Moreover, it might even take longer to recharge your battery in such situations.